Ben struggles with anxiety. He's tried everything from therapy to, prescription medication, to practicing mindfulness.

Recently, Ben explored alternative options and decided to try Ketamine Therapy. This consists of a series of sessions where the patient is injected with ketamine, goes on a psychedelic trip, and then speaks with a therapist about the experience. Ketamine Therapy isn't for everyone, and it's not a "cure," but Ben found healing and emotional release.

In this episode, Ben shares his experience, what he learned, and how he's implementing those insights in everyday life.

Obligatory disclaimer: The following is a personal experience and not medical advice. For Ketamine Therapy or other treatments, consult a licensed medical professional.


  • Ben's background and reasons for trying Ketamine Therapy
  • What is Ketamine Therapy
  • Ben's experiences during the therapy sessions
  • Insights and takeaways from the therapy
  • Ben's struggle with writing
  • The importance of emotional state and exercise
  • Combining Ketamine Therapy with good habits
  • A feedback loop is critical for growth


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Show Notes

(01:11) - Ketamine Therapy as an alternative treatment for anxiety and personal growth

Ben shared his personal experience with Ketamine Therapy as an alternative treatment for anxiety and personal growth. He was initially skeptical but found the experience to be beneficial in addressing both his anxiety and personal growth.

"I made the decision in December to look for alternative forms of trying to get more to help myself, and with the goal being to address the root cause around the anxiety. And in my research, I came across Ketamine Therapy."

(09:56) - Exploring the Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

Ben delves into the details of the sessions at the treatment center. The environment is designed to be calming and therapeutic, with elements like Zen gardens and nature-inspired wall paintings. Each session begins with setting an intention, and for Ben, it was about cultivating gratitude and releasing built-up trauma.

The treatment plan consists of six ketamine sessions, followed by integration sessions with a therapist where you discuss your takeaways from the experience.

A therapist remains present during the trip, taking notes on any insights or comments made so you can discuss them together afterward.

"A big thing that came out of it was an awareness of accumulated trauma and gratefulness for what I have."

(14:20) - Breaking Through Fear

As an entrepreneur, Ben reflects on the challenges of isolation during COVID-19 and his struggles with writing and articulating himself. He shares his preference for verbal communication and the various writing courses he has tried, while acknowledging that podcasting may be the ideal medium for him.

"The one thing that I feel comfortable doing is talking and specifically forcing myself to talk. If it's scary, I force myself to walk to the front of the stage and break through that fear by just moving my legs and not looking back. I've trained myself at least to do that, to break through scary situations."

(17:42) - Combining Ketamine Therapy With Good Habits

Ben discusses the enjoyment of problem-solving and the challenges of written communication, particularly in the context of entrepreneurship and remote work. He reflects on the Ketamine Therapy journey and the personal changes implemented alongside it, such as adopting healthier habits and attending a virtual Tony Robbins event. The importance of changing one's emotional state through exercise and incantations is highlighted, as well as the value of vulnerability and connecting with others in the e-commerce and SaaS industries. Finally, Ben touches on the desire to provide value to others and the thrill of receiving feedback and engaging in meaningful conversations.

"The tactic that I learned and took from [Tony Robbins] was that by changing your emotional state and forcing yourself to do certain things, your body actually can't focus on or feel negative. If you're smiling at yourself, there's a lot of research that says it will dramatically impact your mood. Even if you don't feel happier, just the basic experience of smiling will make you feel better."


(01:19) - Gratitude for Ketamine Therapy

Ben talks about his recent experience with Ketamine Therapy and why he is grateful for it.

(02:25) - Struggles with Anxiety

Ben discusses his lifelong struggle with anxiety and past use of anti-anxiety medication.

(07:27) - What is Ketamine?

Ben explains what ketamine is in layman’s terms, how it works, and the different ways it can be administered for therapy.

(10:50) - Efficacy of Different Ketamine Therapy Treatments

Ben talks about the low efficacy rate of Ketamine Therapy when administered underneath the tongue (sublingually), which is the method DTC subscription brands offer it (e.g. Mind Bloom).

(13:54) - Ketamine Therapy Experience

Ben describes his Ketamine Therapy experience, including the setting, intentions, and common themes, as well as the different experiences he had during the trips.

(19:25) - Trauma and Emotional Release

Ben discusses his intention to heal accumulated trauma and how he experienced emotional release during his Ketamine Therapy sessions.

(25:06) - Challenges with Writing

Ben talks about his struggles with writing and how he has tried various methods to improve his writing skills.

(26:51) - Problem Solving and Connecting

Ben shares his passion for problem-solving and connecting people, particularly in the DTC and SaaS space.

(29:52) - Combining Ketamine Therapy with Good Habits

Ben discusses how he combined Ketamine Therapy with good habits such as waking up early, regularly drinking water, and going on walks.

(35:44) - Importance of a Feedback Loop

Ben talks about the importance of feedback and how he wants to have more conversations with talented people in ecommerce and SaaS.